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Shake Up Your Break Up

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Music Review! Yesterday’s No Milk Has Yet to Spoil

A Music Review of a Breakup Golden Oldie

By Lauren Izquierdo


“No Milk Today” is a catchy pop song with historical lyrics and timeless appeal. The song was written by Graham Gouldman and was first released in 1966 by the Manchester band, Herman’s Hermits.


The song marks a time when milkmen would stop door to door delivering milk in glass bottles. If someone had a message for the milkman, they would leave a note rolled up and tucked into the bottle. ‘No milk’ was a common message.


Following a seven second guitar solo, enchantingly heartfelt lyrics tell the story of a failed love. The story was encouraged by Gouldman's father who visited a friend and noticed a note in a milk bottle that read ‘no milk today.’ The songwriter elaborated in an interview with Mojo magazine, “He came back and said to me, 'You should write a song called No Milk Today,' and I said 'What's so interesting about milk?', and he said, 'It's nothing to do with milk! There's nobody in the house. The house is empty; the love has left the house.'”


Gouldman turned the idea into a memorable hit:

“No milk today, it wasn't always so

The company was gay, we'd turn night into day

As music played the faster did we dance

We felt it both at once, the start of our romance

How could they know just what this message means

The end of my hopes, the end of all my dreams”


Today, we no longer get milk placed on our front steps, but the pain of heartbreak will never be lost between the decades. The story of love and failed love is ageless, making “No Milk Today” a song to which each new generation can connect. 


The sorrowful words are coupled with an unexpected, upbeat delivery that gives a macabre, Tim Burtonesque feel that lures you into the song. “No Milk Today” manages to be both bubbly and gloomy as the narrator perkily sings of his obsessive longing, “ A terrace house in a mean street back of town/ becomes a shrine when I think of you only.”


The relatable lyrics and upbeat delivery by Herman’s Hermits make the song a head-bobbing sing-a-long perfect for car rides, background for entertaining, listening to at work, or a melancholy song to nurse your heartache.


The lead singer, Peter Noone, was a 15-year-old actor and singer at the beginning of Herman’s Hermits in 1963. He quickly became a heartthrob and the band became an icon of the 60s. Their popularity grew in the United States shortly after the release of “No Milk Today,” the same time scandal broke out against the Beatles, the world’s most popular British boy band, after member John Lennon infamously remarked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.  


Noone is still touring with Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone. He is currently making his way around the United Kingdom and is scheduled to begin his United States tour in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on May 13th where he will undoubtedly perform “No Milk Today.” Don’t let this icon’s concert slip by without catching a show and hearing a little piece of lyrical history.

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